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Explore your industry below in more detail and discover ERA can help. With a global network of experienced professionals, ERA Group is focused on delivering Value through Insight™ to your organisation. Offering knowledge locally to your region, our experts work with your team to further enhance your business strategy, ensuring an efficient and optimised output to safeguard your financial flexibility. In an ever-changing world, no matter which sector or industry your organisation operates in, the need for adaptation and evolution is constant. As the challenges of your business environment change, so must the way you operate in order to flourish and thrive. At ERA Group, our global network consists of industry experts, all of whom have gained a wealth of knowledge and insight from extensive and successful careers in their fields of expertise. Anticipating your needs, our team can deliver local knowledge to your region, working with your business to provide optimised performance, reduced costs and improved financial flexibility.

Agrifood Solutions

The Agrifood industry faces various challenges, including changing consumer preferences, climate change, and supply chain disruption, which can significantly impact the industry's ability to meet the growing demand for food. In addition, the Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the need for more resilient and adaptable food systems, with an increased focus on safety and hygiene measures. To prepare for these challenges, the industry needs to invest in new technologies, adopt sustainable practices, and improve supply chain management to ensure transparency and traceability. Through proactive measures and strategic planning, the agrifood industry can overcome these challenges.

Hospitality and Leisure Solutions

The hospitality and leisure industry faces significant challenges in a post-COVID world, including changing customer demands, new health and safety regulations, supply chain disruptions, labour shortages, and financial constraints. To prepare for these challenges, businesses need to adapt to new technology, implement flexible and innovative strategies, invest in employee training and development, and establish strong partnerships with suppliers and customers. They should also prioritize safety and hygiene measures, foster a strong brand reputation, and diversify revenue streams to stay competitive in a rapidly changing landscape.

Digital Solutions

Keeping up with the pace of change within digital technology continues to be one of the toughest challenges facing organisations today. Digital has routinely disrupted a wide range of industries, primarily because companies fail to keep pace, particularly consumer behaviour. Understanding the impact and implications of evolving technology and ensuring your organisation is adaptable enough to respond requires highly optimised strategies at all levels of operation. Digital technologies permeate day to day business. We work with your business to envision and implement Digital Solutions that improve the way you operate. From optimising digital assets & marketing spend (e.g. email marketing, digital advertising) to the adoption of new digital technologies & best practices (e.g. blockchain, smart contracts, digitalisation-ware). Our goal is to enable your firm to dedicate more resources to the tasks that can generate profit and even finance more innovation.

Manufacturing Solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic hit manufacturers in an unexpected and unprecedented way. For the first time in modern manufacturing history, demand, supply and workforce availability were affected globally at the same time. This has highlighted the need for more resilient and agile operations, with an increased focus on safety and hygiene measures. To prepare for these challenges, businesses should consider investing in automation and digital technologies to increase efficiency and flexibility, build strong relationships with suppliers and customers, and implement sustainable practices to reduce costs and mitigate risk. It is also important to prioritize workforce development and training to ensure that employees have the necessary skills to succeed in a rapidly changing industry.

Professional Services Solutions

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of remote work and virtual collaboration, requiring the legal and professional services industry to adapt to a new way of working. The industry faces several other challenges, including increasing competition, changing client expectations, disruptive technology and the need to adapt to new business models. Our team can aid businesses in preparing for these challenges, including adapting their services to changing client needs, investing in technology to increase efficiency and flexibility and develop new business models that leverage technology and remote work.

Retail Solutions

The retail industry is facing a multitude of challenges, including fierce competition from online retailers, changing consumer behaviour, rising costs, supply chain disruptions, and a growing demand for sustainability. To prepare for these challenges, retailers must focus on creating a seamless omnichannel experience that integrates brick-and-mortar stores with digital channels, investing in new technologies such as automation and artificial intelligence, optimizing supply chain operations to ensure agility and flexibility, and prioritizing sustainability efforts. Retailers that can adapt to these challenges and deliver value to their customers will be well-positioned to thrive in the rapidly evolving retail landscape.

Financial Services Solutions

The financial services industry faces several challenges, including increasing regulation, cybersecurity threats, changing customer needs, and the need to adapt to new technologies and business models. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the need for more resilient and agile operations, with increased focus on remote work and virtual collaboration. Businesses should consider prioritizing employee training and development to ensure that staff have the necessary skills to succeed in a rapidly changing industry, and foster a strong culture of innovation and adaptability to stay ahead of the curve.

Education Solutions

Several challenges confront the education sector, such as evolving student demographics, heightened competition from online learning platforms, escalating expenses, and the requirement to adjust to new teaching methods and technologies. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic exposed the need for more resilient and adaptable education systems, focusing on remote learning and virtual collaboration. To address these challenges, educational institutions must invest in technology to enrich the learning experience, establish new programs and courses that address the evolving needs of students, and adopt emerging technologies such as virtual and augmented reality. This industry should consider prioritize training and development of teachers to ensure they possess the necessary skills to thrive in a rapidly evolving industry and cultivate a culture of innovation and adaptability to stay ahead of the competition.

Trade & Wholesale Solutions

The trade and wholesale industry confronts various obstacles, including fluctuating consumer preferences, mounting competition, supply chain interruptions, and the necessity to adapt to novel technology and business models.

The COVID-19 pandemic has emphasized the need for more robust and adaptable operations, and robust safety and hygiene measures.

To overcome these challenges, the industry should consider investing in technology to heighten efficiency and enhance customer experience, create novel products and services that cater to evolving customer needs, and adjust their business models to capitalize on new technologies such as digital marketplaces and e-commerce.

Healthcare Solutions

Within ERA Healthcare solutions, we are providing support to hospitals and care homes. We have experienced first-hand the challenges they were facing and will continue to face.

Hospitals had to completely restructure their operations to prioritise Covid patients and stop non-essential, sometimes very lucrative, activities during the pandemic. This highlighted the need for more resilient and adaptable healthcare systems, with increased focus on remote care and virtual collaboration.

The industry now also faces challenges such as increasing costs, changing patient demographics, and the need to adapt to new medical technologies and treatment methods.

Category Expertise & Solutions

Sometimes our clients have very specific needs within their business which need our attention, or there are particular areas within a business which you are trying to grow or update.

This is where our specific category solutions can help.

Within our global network, we have a massive range of individual category specialists, who have built long careers in specific fields and they bring that insight and experience with them when helping your business.

We can provide expert help across a wide variety of cost areas adding value, for example, to your contract negotiations on a short, medium, or long term basis – right when you need it.

We cover a broad range of cost areas. Some of these can be highly strategic and business critical areas, but we’re also experts in a wide range of indirect spend areas, where organisations rarely have particular category expertise.

We recognize that for most organisations it is not cost effective to have the depth of expertise that our people have day-to-day. That’s why our service is designed to bring in the relevant specialists at the right times.

There are too many categories to mention and we are continuously adding more and more industry specialists to our network so whatever area of your business you are considering, contact us and we can provide you with more detail and examples of how we can help you.

"ERA have also identified new cost saving initiatives that has the potential to further improve on an already impressive result."

Group Head of Finance, Rehabilitation Hospital

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